Feed Formulation and Nutrition

With our expert nutritionists specializing in poultry, ruminants, aquaculture, pets, and equines, we provide tailored feed formulation services. Our focus is on delivering high-quality feed solutions that meet the specific nutritional requirements of your animals, promoting their health, and maximizing productivity.

Animal Care Consulting is dedicated to supporting the profitability of farmers and feed mills across various animal sectors. Here's how we can help and support specific animal categories:

Racing Camels and Horses

  • Develop customized feeding programs to enhance performance, stamina, and recovery.

  • Optimize nutrition for peak athletic performance and address specific health concerns.

  • Advise on training methods, exercise regimes, and overall management strategies.

Sheep and Goats

  • Develop balanced feed formulations to support growth, reproduction, and wool/fiber quality.

  • Provide guidance on pasture management, breed selection, and breeding programs.

  • Assist in implementing strategies for parasite control and overall flock health management.

Dairy Cows

  • Formulate precise rations for optimal milk production, milk composition, and cow health.

  • Advise on herd management practices, including reproductive health and transition cow management.

  • Implement strategies for optimizing feed efficiency and reducing production costs.

Beef Cattle

  • Develop feeding programs to enhance growth, carcass quality, and feed efficiency.

  • Advise on breed selection, pasture management, and effective supplementation strategies.

  • Assist in developing health and vaccination protocols to prevent diseases and improve animal well-being.


  • Formulate balanced diets for different aquatic species, considering their nutritional requirements and growth stages.

  • Offer expertise in pond or tank management, water quality monitoring, and disease prevention.

  • Assist in optimizing production efficiency and sustainability while ensuring optimal feed conversion ratios.


  • Provide tailored nutrition plans for dogs, cats, and other companion animals based on their life stage, breed, and specific dietary needs.

  • Address health concerns, such as weight management, digestive issues, and allergies.

  • Offer guidance on proper feeding practices, exercise routines, and overall well-being.



  • Develop specialized feed formulations for broilers, layers, and breeders to optimize growth, egg production, and overall flock health.

  • Implement biosecurity measures and disease prevention strategies to minimize disease risks.

  • Provide guidance on housing systems, management practices, and welfare considerations.

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